Policy Track is a plugin for WordPress which allows site administrators to select which pages or posts on their website they would like a policy agreement section at the bottom of the post in which signed-in users can agree to the policy specified in the post.

Administrators and users both have their own policy compliance dashboard – each serving a different function.

From the dashboard, administrators can view which users have not yet agreed to policies and can send automatic email notifications to those users to remind them to review policies they haven’t agreed to. Administrators can also set expiry dates and limits on their policy agreements and users can be automatically notified via email if a previously agreed to policy requires review. When creating or editing pages, administrators can add the Policy Track widget which will automatically sync with the administrator dashboard. For each policy post, administrators can select which users have to agree to the policy from either the dashboard or when editing or creating a post.

From the general logged-in user perspective – They can view from the dashboard or from the WordPress toolbar which policies they have not agreed to and can then follow a link to review the policy post or page.