If you are having issues with your phone, tablet, PC, printer, internet or anything else relating to your home computer network, flowState can provide punctual, helpful assistance to get you back up and running. Our troubleshooting assistance can be provided either in-person or remotely depending on your preference and circumstance. With flowState, you can be guaranteed of hassle-free assistance with no hidden fees or other such shenanigans. For in-person troubleshooting and installation, flowState can service Brisbane, Darling Downs, Southern Downs and Sunshine Coast areas as we are based in Toowoomba. A map detailing this spread is detailed below.

The range of devices, PC and home/business network issue troubleshooting and installation services provided by flowState are listed below.

  • PC troubleshooting for Mac, Windows and Linux client systems.
    • Anti-virus/virus issues.
    • PC running slow.
    • Applications on PC not working correctly.
    • Issues connecting to internet/network.
    • Possible hardware issues.
    • Installation of PC, monitors, peripherals and connection to network.
  • Installation and troubleshooting of printers.
  • Troubleshooting of mobile device issues.